What Color Should I Wear to an Interview? [For Men & Women]

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Choosing the right color to wear to an interview can be tricky. After all, you want to make a good impression and look professional without coming across as too stuffy or boring. What you wear to an interview can also send a subtle message about your personality and how you might fit into the company culture. 

A good rule of thumb is to stick to neutral colors like black, navy, or gray. These colors are classic and professional, and they’re easy to match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

 If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can try wearing a jewel tone like green or purple. Just make sure the color is appropriate for the industry you’re interviewing in. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel confident in what you’re wearing. 

Here are some great tips on choosing the right color to wear to your next interview.

Why Your Interview Attire Is Important

When it comes to nailing a job interview, it’s not just about what you say or how well you know the industry. A lot of thought goes into the way you look and present yourself, which is why it’s so important to choose what you wear carefully during your preparation.

Here are a few reasons why your interview attire matters: 

  1. First Impression Matters A Lot

Your appearance can affect the way you’re perceived. An estimated 2900 managers who participated in a recent interview said that attire was one of the top three most influential factors in determining whether or not a candidate got the job.

If you show up to an interview looking disheveled or like you just rolled out of bed, the interviewer may get the impression that you’re not taking the process seriously. On the other hand, if you’re well-dressed and put-together, the interviewer may see you as being more professional and mature. 

Either way, what you wear will make an impression, so it’s important to put your best foot forward from the moment you walk into the room. That means choosing an outfit that is appropriate, as well as professional, and polished.

  1. It Sends a Message About Your Personality and Style

The way you dress sends a message about your work ethic, professionalism, and how you might fit into the company’s culture. What you choose to wear also tells a lot about your personality, which can either work in your favor or against you. 

If you’re interviewing at a traditional bank or law firm, for example, you’ll probably want to stick to more conservative clothing. But if you’re interviewing for a position at a start-up or a creative agency, you might have a little more leeway when it comes to your outfit choice. 

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. If you know the company culture is more casual, but you still want to dress up just a bit, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a suit but leaving off your tie or blazer. Ultimately, you want to strike a balance between being professional and being yourself. 

  1. It Helps you Feel More Confident and Assertive

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to do well in an interview. That’s because dressing for success can help boost your confidence, which is a key ingredient in nailing any job interview. 

If you’re worried that your outfit choice may not be appropriate, do some research ahead of time by checking out the company’s website or social media pages. That way, you’ll know for sure whether you should stick to a suit and heels or feel free to wear something more casual. 

No matter what colors you choose for your interview outfit, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. After all, if you’re not comfortable, it will show. So take some time to try on a few different outfits and find something that makes you feel your best.

What Color To Wear To An Interview For Males?

While there are many factors to consider when choosing what to wear to an interview, the color of your attire is one factor that you should not ignore. Each color conveys a different message, so choosing something that reflects your personality and fits in with the company culture is important. 

For Men, Some Good Colors To Wear To An Interview Include: 

  1. Blue: 

If you are looking for a job in the corporate sector, this is one of the best colors for job interviews. 

Blue is a professional color that conveys trustworthiness and confidence. It communicates to the employer that you are a team player and looking for a long-term commitment. Career coaches worldwide have termed “Blue” as one of men’s best interview attire colors.

The brighter and lighter the shades of blue are very noticeable and eye-catchy, while the darker shades will make you look more authoritative. You can try blending in different shades of blue to make your outfit more interesting. 

  1. Grey: 

Although it’s less popular than some other interview attire colors, grey is a very underrated and professional color that can help you stand out in a positive way. It conveys calmness, maturity, and stability, making it a great choice for an interview.

In fact, a survey by the CareerBuilder’s found that many employers actually prefer seeing grey in men’s interview attire

When choosing a grey outfit for your interview, try to stick to darker shades since these are more professional than lighter colors. You might also want to consider pairing a grey shirt or tie with a navy or black suit for a polished and understated look. 

  1. Black:

If you are not sure what to wear for your interview, black is always a safe and professional choice. It conveys authority and leadership, making it the perfect color for an interview. Most men also feel comfortable in a black suit, so it’s a great choice.

Black has a way of always looking polished, so you can’t go wrong with a black outfit for an interview. However, when choosing a black outfit, be sure to avoid anything that is too casual or trendy. Stick to classic styles and silhouettes like a well-tailored suit or collared shirt and dark jeans.

Black can also be a bit formal and intense, so you might want to consider wearing a different color if you’re interviewing for a creative position or a company with a more relaxed culture.

What Color To Wear To An Interview For Females?

When it comes to choosing an interview outfit for women, there are a lot of different colors and styles to consider. Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Keep in mind that the color of your clothing can also send a powerful message to potential employers. 

Here are some of the best colors to wear to an interview for women: 

  1. Blue: 

Just like men, blue is a great color for women to wear to an interview. Blue represents trustworthiness and loyalty, two highly valued qualities in the workplace. It is also a professional color that can help you convey confidence to potential employers. 

If you choose to wear blue to your interview, be sure to avoid any bright or neon shades. Stick to classic navy or light blue colors for a polished look. You might also want to consider pairing a blue shirt or dress with a black or grey suit for a professional and stylish outfit. 

  1. Black: 

Black conveys power, authority, and professionalism, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for a leadership position within a company. Women who wear black to their interviews are often perceived as being competent and capable. 

A tasteful black outfit is the hallmark of a simple, sophisticated business wardrobe. Most hiring managers agree that this is an excellent color for any interview, regardless of the position you are applying for.

Try investing in a high-quality dress that falls just below the knee, a classic suit, or a pencil skirt and blouse. Black is also an excellent choice for shoes, as long as you stick to more conservative styles. 

When choosing a black outfit, be sure to avoid anything that is too revealing. You want to convey confidence and professionalism, not come across as too provocative. 

  1. White: 

 If you’re looking for a more versatile and neutral color to wear to an interview, white is always a good choice. It conveys cleanliness and simplicity, two highly valued qualities in the workplace. White also has a way of making people look more approachable and open, which can be helpful if you’re interviewing for a customer-centric position. 

When choosing a white outfit, be sure to avoid anything too casual or wrinkled. Instead, wear something more classic, like a crisp blouse or tailored dress. White is also an excellent choice for shoes and accessories, so feel free to accessorize your outfit with shoes, earrings, or a purse in this color. 

To give our white dress more life, you can try pairing it with a brightly colored purse or bold jewelry. You could also try adding some patterned or printed shoes to our outfit or a colorful blazer or jacket to brighten up our look.

  1. Gray:

Gray is another excellent choice for an interview outfit, as it conveys sophistication and intelligence. It is also a very professional color, making it a good choice if you’re interviewing for a position in a traditional company. 

When choosing a gray outfit, be sure to select something that is more fashion-forward rather than boring or outdated. You might want to consider pairing a gray dress or skirt with a brightly colored blazer or jacket. Or, you could try accessorizing your outfit with bold jewelry or shoes. 

A study from York University found that people tend to associate gray with competence and confidence, so it is a great color for interviews. Gray is always an excellent choice whether you’re interviewing for an entry-level position or a C-suite job. 

What color should you NOT wear to an interview?

There is no one “wrong” color to wear to an interview, as each person’s individual style and preferences will vary. However, some colors may be less appropriate than others, depending on the position or industry you are interviewing for.

Here is a list of colors that will most likely not work for you at an interview:


Just say no to Orange! This bright, bold color is typically associated with frivolity and unprofessionalism. A recent study opined that Orange is the least favorite color of employers. 25% of those interviewed associated Orange with the words “loud, unprofessional, and cheap.”Avoid wearing it to an interview for any position in the business world. 


Like Orange, purple is also seen as a fun and frivolous color. It may be appropriate for certain creative positions but is generally not recommended for interviews in a more traditional workplace.  


Green and Yellow are not generally recommended for interviews, as they can convey a lack of experience. This is especially true for lighter shades of green/yellow, which can come across as immature or childish. Plus, they are a difficult color to match with other clothing and can often look dated. 


Red is often seen as too bold or attention-seeking for an interview setting. Even though it somehow portrays some sense of power, the color can be seen as aggressive or overly emotional, which is likely not what you want to convey in an interview. Unless you are interviewing for a position in fashion, marketing, or the arts—where bolder choices might be appropriate—you are best avoiding red altogether.

Best Colors To Wear For A Zoom Video Interview

Since the pandemic, many interviews are now conducted over video conferencing platforms like Zoom. This can present some challenges, as you want to make sure you look professional and put together on camera. 

Consider the Background Color

Black, navy blue, charcoal gray, and dark green will help balance out any light or bright background, making you look more polished and professional on camera. If your background is darker or black, it’s best to avoid wearing dark colors, as they can blend in and make you look like a floating head. Instead, opt for brighter colors, like white, light gray, pale pink, or even a pop of color like red or yellow. 

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like cream, tan, khaki, and beige will help keep you looking fresh and professional on camera. These colors are ideal for video interviews because they help avoid distracting the interviewer from your face. 

Bright Colors

Wearing a bright color on the camera can help you stand out and make a memorable impression. Just avoid see-through fabrics or anything too low-cut, as you want to maintain a professional appearance. 

Prints and Patterns

If you do choose to wear a print or pattern, make sure it is subtle and not too busy. Avoid anything that might be distracting on camera, like large florals or busy stripes. 

Choose Your Interview Outfit Wisely!

Regardless of the colors you choose for your interview, it is always important to look polished and professional. Whether you opt for neutral tones or bolder hues, make sure your clothing is clean and pressed and that you avoid any fashion choices that might be distracting or inappropriate. 

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