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How to Add Value at Work: 6 Ways to Make Your Employer Happy

What’s the key to getting promoted, making more money, and climbing the corporate ladder at your company? There’s one thing you should focus on that can make that happen. That “thing” is adding value at work. In this post, we’ll discuss why adding value is important, 6 ways to add

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Career and Development

How SQL is Leveraged as an Analyst in SaaS

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language allowing users to store, manipulate, and retrieve data. Without being intimated by the technicality of it being a “programming language”, how do I, a senior analyst on the strategy & revenue operations team at a high-growth enterprise Software as a Service

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Career and Development

8 Best Career Books For College Students

It is hard to describe the feeling when it dawns on you that your college degree has been preparing you for a job, not a career. What’s the difference? A job is something people do for financial returns. A career is something you build over decades, at the end of

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Career and Development

Stay With One Company or Move Around? (Pros and Cons)

Should you stay with one company or move around? This is a dilemma that leaves many conflicted, especially those at the start of their career. There are many factors to take into consideration. Will job hopping allow your career to progress the way you envision it, or would you be

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