How to Write a Thank You Note After a Job Interview

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You just had an interview… Now what? Do you just go home and wait for the feedback? If you want to leave a good impression on your newfound employer but don’t know how, a thank you note is a great place to start.  

This guide will show you how to write an impressive thank-you email or note with a step-by-step guide detailing what to do and what to avoid. We will also give an example and a sample template on how to write one. 

But first, what are the benefits of sending a thank-you note after a job interview?

Why Should You Write a Thank You Note After a Job Interview?

Here’s the thing, the interview may not yet be over until you send a thank-you note. Here’s why. Most employers and hiring managers consider a thank-you note a vital aspect after a job interview but only 25% of them ever receive them

So, if you leave a thank-you note, you will stand out from the rest of the interviewees. This will ultimately increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are 5 more reasons why you should write one. 

  1. Express Courtesy and Respect for the Interviewer

A message of gratitude is always a sign of respect. It shows the interviewer that you treasured the time they set apart for you. 

Unfortunately, we live in an impolite world where we don’t acknowledge another person’s commitments and efforts. So, take this opportunity and show your interviewer that you appreciate their work – you will impress them!

  1. Get a Chance to Restate Your Most Vital Point.

Do you recall that unique idea you mentioned during the interview, the one you felt could get you the job? You might get hired if you stress more about it in the note.

  1. Put Forward the Points You Forgot.

What skill was it that you didn’t emphasize well? Is there an observation you made and feel like giving a recommendation? The answers to these questions are always fresh when you leave the interview room and often haunt you all day. 

You can still highlight them in a thank-you note.

  1. Stand Out

There’s always a thin line between getting hired and failing an interview. Employers look for individuals with outstanding skills, ideas, or habits. So, why shouldn’t you shine by putting in a little more effort?

  1. Demonstrate Your Written Communication Skills

Writing a special thank-you note requires epic communication skills and tremendous but straightforward writing. Not everyone can do it excellently. 

So if your written communication skills are spot-on, and you are yet to send your interviewer a thank-you note, you’re missing out!

How to Write a Short Thank You Note After an Interview

If you want to send a thank you note after an interview but don’t know how to, worry not. We’ve got you covered!

  1. Choose a Clear and Concise Subject Line for Your Email

If you are going to send your thank-you note via email, your subject line has to stand out. It carries the potential of grabbing your recipient’s attention or having them disregard your email. 

The subject line is the icing on the cake; decorate it with clear words about what your message entails. The interviewer may not read your email if the subject line isn’t concise. Here are great subject lines:

·   Thank you for meeting with me yesterday!

·   (X Company) is a great place to work

·   Thank you (First name of interviewer) for the interview

·   (First name of interviewer), it was a pleasure to be interviewed by you! 

  1. Mention the Interviewer by Name in the Salutation

Before you start pouring your gratitude, you should mention your addressee by name. The first name is enough – so ensure you know your interviewer during the interview. 

Mentioning them by name will fortify the impression that you are interested in the job offer and are ready to join a new team. If you faced a panel of interviewers, send a thank-you note to every one of them. 

We will highlight later in this article why it’s essential to personalize your thank-you note.

  1. Start by Thanking the Interviewer for Their Time.

Be authentic and express how thankful you are to your interviewers for taking their time to interview you. Show them that it was an excellent opportunity for you and you respect their time. It will go a long way in making a good impression.

  1. Recall One Point You Made During the Interview.

Do you remember that strong point you made in the interview that made you feel more confident and resourceful? Of course, you do! Now, it’s time to reaffirm it. 

Talk about a specific problem, skill, or experience that the hiring manager had mentioned in the job description. State that it is your stronghold and how you would be resourceful to the company if recruited. Maintain the stand you had during the interview.

  1. Reaffirm Your Interest in the Job

In any job application, following up is key to getting hired. Most employers ignore a candidate’s job application because they don’t think they are serious.

In only two or three sentences, you can convey your interest and why you would be a good fit if given the opportunity. Nonetheless, do not sound desperate, or you might spoil the chance.

  1. Be Open to Other Questions

An employer can forget to ask a critical question during the interview. It happens all the time. In your thank-you note, ask them to contact you if they have any other questions. Express that you would be open to answering them.

  1. Ask About the Company’s Next Steps After the Interview

Instead of waiting for feedback that might never come, it’s good to know what the company plans to do next after the hiring process is completed. 

Will they have more interviews any time soon? Are they going to contact all candidates or shortlisted ones only? Besides showing that you are interested in working for a particular company, it will give you enough time to plan your time well.

Just remember, you shouldn’t ask a question whose answer was included in the job description. This will only show that you didn’t care enough to read through it thoughtfully.

  1. Include Other Contact Details About You

Write your full name, email address, physical address, and phone number. By including multiple contact details, the employer will select their preferred mode of communication to reach you. 

Give them choices and be available. If they reach out, reply confidently and without delay.

3 Tips for Writing an Impressive Thank You Note

It’s important that your thank-you note stands out. Keep in mind that other candidates may also be sending the same.

Here are tips to help you write a better one:

  1. Personalize Your Thank-You Note

According to LinkedIn, 72% of people respond to messages directly aimed at them. Additionally, 63% do not reply to messages that aren’t tailored specifically to them.

If you wish to receive feedback from your interviewer about the recruitment progress. You must personalize your post-interview thank-you note.

  1. Be Timely

You need to send your thank-you note when the job details are still fresh in the recruiter’s mind. Within the first two days, the interviewer might still recall your name or how you conducted yourself in the interview. 

This makes it the perfect time to nail your chances with a message of gratitude.

  1. Proofread Your Email or Note

Before tapping the ‘Send’ button, you must go through your email to counter check the grammar, tenses, structure, and other errors. 

Some of the silly mistakes you can make include mentioning the wrong name, and highlighting irrelevant content. Your message also needs to be concise. Avoid storytelling – your recruiter has far more important matters to attend to.

Sample Template for a Thank You Note

Hello [Interviewer’s first name],

I appreciate your taking the time to interview me yesterday. It was a pleasure being hosted by you and learning how your team is expanding. I also admired the kind of customers you attract at [Company name].

I am confident that with the experience I’ve acquired at [Current employer’s company name], I can assume the role of [Job position] and deliver productively.

I’m eager to receive feedback from you about the hiring progress.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. My number is [Phone number].

Have a great weekend,

Victor Noble

Example of a Post-Interview Thank You Note

Hi Mark,

I sincerely thank you for hosting me in your office today. It was a great pleasure to chat with you. I’m also excited about the opportunity to join News Fresh Company to practice my skills as a software engineer.

In particular, I wish to work with other employees to create secure and world-class data management systems.

I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the recruitment process. Please contact me if you’d need any additional information – I have attached my contact details with this email.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Melanie Rhodes.

Go on…Wow Your Interviewers!

You prepared for the interview adequately and made a presentable appearance. The interview went fine, and you expect to get hired. But no, the interview is not yet over until you write a thank-you note – it reminds the interviewer what a great applicant you are.  

Just follow the steps and tips outlined above to impress your interviewer. Good luck!

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