Best Days of the Week to Have Your Job Interview

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Landing an interview is worth celebrating. But don’t pop open the champagne yet—you’re not quite there.

If you thought that your resume, cover letter, and preparation were the make-or-break factors in getting a job, think again. Of course, 47% of employers would dismiss a candidate with little knowledge of the company or role. As it turns out, the day you schedule your job interview can make a big difference in your odds of success. 

And so you might ask: which are the best days of the week to have your job interview?

This post seeks to help you maximize your chances of receiving that coveted “Welcome to our team and congratulations on your new position” email by highlighting the best days of the week to schedule an interview.

And if you’re curious what is the best time for a job interview, the last section has got you covered. 

Do All You Can to Increase Your Chances of Success for an Interview

When you factor in the soaring unemployment rate, the uncertainties of a COVID-19, and new recruiting rules, you’ll find that job interviews are more demanding than ever. 

Although candidates have little to zero control over some aspects of the interview process, try everything possible to tilt the odds of interview success in your favor. That can mean many things, from researching the company, practicing possible behavioral and situational questions, to dressing the part. 

But among the most critical decisions that could provide you with an advantage is strategically selecting the day of the week and time you interview for a job.  

Why the Day You Interview Matters

You know that being on time is a non-negotiable interview rule. But what about the day of the week you choose? It can impact who is available to meet with you — and how seriously they’ll take you.

You want to avoid interviewing on a Monday. It’s when people get back into the swing of things after a weekend.  They aren’t quite ready for the workweek yet, meaning they may not be fully engaged in the interview.

Also, there’s a good chance that the hiring manager or HR personnel will be overwhelmed with new schedules and catching up on emails. That leaves little room for a meaningful conversation. 

You could also be fighting for attention against everyone else’s weekend news. “Did you see that football game? What about that party?  

And lastly, there’s a likelihood of the memory of your Monday interview fading as the week progresses. 

Should you schedule an interview for Friday? 

No! You heard that right.

Fridays are a write-off because most managers are exhausted,  trying to close out their projects, and already looking ahead to the weekend. So, you’ll probably get rushed through the appointment.

Generally, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days of the week for job interviews for specific reasons we’ll discuss later. People are more likely to be in a good mood these days as they feel refreshed from the weekend and not yet burned out from working all week.

But you might wonder: is it better to interview on Wednesday or Thursday? Hold on for a comprehensive answer; we’ll dive into the order of priority in the next section. 

What Day of The Week is Best to Have an Interview?

Increase your chances of interview success by scheduling an interview on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with the following priority of order:

  • First priority – Wednesday

Wednesday is the best day of the week for a job interview for several reasons. Most hiring managers are typically less stressed or tired in the middle of their workweek than on Mondays or Friday. Plus, they have hit their stride by Tuesday and are getting things done in anticipation of taking off for the weekend.

As a result, you can expect your interviewer to be more receptive, relaxed, and in good spirits to better focus on you, the applicant. Still, the better you’ll be able to impress them.

  • Second priority – Thursday

Hiring managers are still in mid-week mode on Thursday. That means there’s a chance they will be optimistic about things and not as stressed out about what needs to get done before Friday. After all, they’ve had Monday to Wednesday to get in the groove of their workweek. 

There may also be some pre-Friday excitement in the air, which can be infectious and help break the ice. With an interview on Thursday, you will have several weekdays to prepare (considering the weekend can be pretty lazy).

  • Third priority – Tuesday

We’ve ranked Tuesday as the third best day for a job interview because interviewers could still be busy with the work left uncompleted on Monday. 

But why is it still a sweet spot? It’s not the beginning of the week, so interviewers can finally catch a bit of breath from the Monday rush. And it’s far enough from the end-of-week doldrums. 

You’ll have a chance at securing an appointment with decision-makers on this day while they are focused and grounded in their routine.

What Is The Best Time for a Job Interview? 

Thus far, we’ve thoroughly explored the worst and best days of the week for job interviews. And while organizations schedule interviews around the candidate’s and interviewer’s availability, you want to choose a time that will work in favor of your chances. 

According to a Robert Half report, 61% of executives cited 9 am to 11 am as the optimal time range for job interviews. Only 11% and 9% would conduct interviews before 9 am and between 1 pm and 3 pm, respectively. 

Most hiring managers are most alert in the mid-morning, and working with their most productive hours guarantees their full attention. Still, there are fewer possibilities of unexpected interruptions at that time. 

You’ll also have enough drive to ace the interview and less time to stress over an upcoming appointment later in the day. 

Worst Times of the Day for a Job Interview 

Here are four times of day when you might want to avoid scheduling an interview:

  • Early morning
  • Late afternoon
  • Pre and post-lunch
  • Weekend

Early morning

Starting the day with a job interview is not ideal for both parties. You and the interviewer will likely show up for an early meeting feeling groggy from a morning commute or a restless night. Additionally, some interview panel members may be arriving at work or scrambling to settle in their day.

Late afternoon

At the end of a long day, your interviewer(s) will be checking out mentally and looking forward to going home or just enjoying some downtime. They’ll likely rush through the interview. Or worse yet, cancel on you at the last minute because something pressing needs their attention before leaving for the day.

Pre- and post-lunch

A good rule of thumb is to avoid scheduling an interview around mealtimes unless you have no other option. That’s because interviewer(s) will likely experience difficulty concentrating on an interview when they’re looking forward to a lunch break. 

Likewise, people often struggle to get back into work mode after lunch. Yep, post-lunch dip exists, a fact augmented by this Redbooth study.


Why would you schedule an interview on Saturday or Sunday if you’re applying for a 9-5 job? Most professionals want to relax and spend time with family and friends on weekends—not make important decisions about hiring a new employee.


 The consensus about the best days of the week for a job interview is that midweek days tend to yield better results than Monday and Friday. Use the information in this post to prioritize your interview day right for the best possible chance of securing your dream job.

What about the best time of the day for a job interview? It’s mid-morning! Yup, the sweet spot between the busy early-morning rush and the afternoon slump.

But keep in mind that job interview etiquette also plays a critical role. It’s among those moments where less is more. You can always leverage our tips for preparing, practicing, and studying for interviews.  

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